Cultist Attempt on Dwarf/Kaldorei Conflict Thwarted

CircleOfDarnHobitton As most Kaldorei will know, recent events have greatly strained the already frail relationship between Darnassus and Ironforge – and in spite of the display of lack of respect at the last Circle meeting and contrary to common belief the Circle of Darnassus has thoroughly investigated the events and exhausted all diplomatic ties and sources in order to get to the bottom of an incident that threatened the plunge the Kaldorei into a conflict of potentially cataclysmic proportions. In fact the Circle members were already investigating this issue when the last meetings erupted into bickering and slander. The nature of the investigations however ordained secrecy, since at the time it was unknown how extensive the conspiracy, that we are about to reveal here, is and any public revelations might alert the true perpetrators to the extent of our knowledge.

We have since maintained relentless vigilance and increased the scope of our investigations to include the intelligence services of Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind alike. Our efforts have to some degree paid off, as we have been confirmed in many of our suspicions. The final clue evades us however and we have decided to bring this to the attention of the entire realm.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article several events have contributed to a very tense relationship between Darnassus and Ironforge. The intrusions in Feralas, the abductions of Speaker Skyshadow and Senator Irondawn and the subsequent desecration of the Altar of Elune have only been the final drops to make the chalice overflow. If not for the wisdom and prudence of the Circle members these events could easily have escalated in to full-blown combat the allies of the Alliance.

Careful and meticulous investigations of all clues, interrogations of victims and eye witnesses and a methodical reconciliation of all the given facts have proven that there is a more sinister offender behind these crimes than first presumed.

To elaborate on the last scale-tipping incident – the desecration of the Altar of Elune – the Dwarves of the Dwarven Rifle Squad was indeed present at the Altar and did have a role in the damage caused to the Altar. I must however strongly stress out that the Dwarves were heinously coaxed into committing a crime they had no possibility to foresee. Following the tracks of the Wildkin that had attacked the expedition site of Dun Mandarr they were met with a dreadful sight. A seriously wounded fellow Dwarf had been chained and bolted to the Altar by unknown (at the time) offenders. True to their codes of honour they of course freed their comrade – unfortunately at the expense of the Altar. At the time the Dwarves were not aware of the relic they defiled. During the rescue of their ally, the Dwarves were attacked by the Wildkin who of course were defending the Altar as is their destiny. However among the Wildkin the Dwarves noticed humanoids of an Elven aspect.

Ambassador Thunderbelly has subsequently expressed great remorse at the involuntary violation of the Altar and has agreed to grant the Circle an audience with the Ironforge Senate to best discuss any Ironforge penance.

The thing to note is the presence of the Elven combatants at the scene. Victims and eye witnesses at other incidents have also reported sightings of unexpected participants and it is the conviction of the intelligence services of Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind alike that this is no coincidence. This along with the overwhelming convenience of obvious evidence at the scenes has the intelligence services agreeing independently that all of the incidents are conceived by the same malevolent mastermind.

The traces quickly leads to cults like the Dark Sphere and the Hand of Nightmares who have been known to desire expansions of their respective territories and also the possibly re-emerging Cult of the Dark Strand has been considered. The latter more so, as inciting strife in Kalimdor would be more likely to be among their objectives. Also individuals have been suspected, but the specifics surrounding the target of the Alliance intelligence service must for now stay indistinct as any detailed information may cause the true offender(s) to retreat into hiding.

Suffice to say that the Dwarven Rifle Squad are very close to apprehending certain individuals, who either have knowledge about or responsibility in the events that has threatened the unity of our Alliance as of late.

Our loyal reader will know of my general disposition toward the Dwarves and their actions in Kalimdor and he will know that when I state that I am convinced that the recent discord between the Kaldorei and the Dwarves are not rooted in Ironforge, then this realization is not one that I have accepted easily.

We of the Circle beseech all Kaldorei to turn their anger, resentment and accusations away from our Dwarven allies and apply this spectrum of strong emotions towards assisting our Watchers, the Dwarven Rifle Squad and the representatives of the SI:7 in exposing the true delinquent(s).

Stay vigilant, my brothers and sisters! Unity in the face of division is what turns defeat to victory!


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